Double Magnolia

A double-trunked magnolia can be found by the waterfalls at Nishant Bagh Mughal Gardens near Dal Lake

Udaipur Jagdish Mandir Destroyer

The beautiful white tower of Jagdish Mandir, near the City Palace in Udaipur, has a small peepal tree growing on it, that if left unchecked will destroy the temple structure

Station Road Balaji Neem

A neem tree struggles to stay alive between a large cement building and a newly built fly-over highway in downtown Jaipur.

Indraghat Banyan

A young banyan at Indraghat, near the shores of the dried-up seasonal holy lake at Pushkar

Patang Ruins Pipal

Near the riverside in Ahmedabad and nearby the Patang tower, old, overgrowned ruined buildings offer both welcome green cover and a home for this peepal tree.