Kallemullah’s Mango Masterpiece

Kalleemullah, a mango cultivator near Lucknow, has produced a masterpiece with this one mango tree, upon which an astounding 312 varieties of mango have been grafted onto one stem.

Adi Shankara’s Ancient Mulberry

The Hindu reformer Adi Shankara meditated beneath this spectacularly large mulberry tree, in the steep valley of Joshimath beneath the soaring Himalayan peaks.

Bonsai National Park Pilkhan

Tucked away in a corner of Lodhi Gardens in Delhi is the Bonsai National Park, and this sixty year old tree is one of the most impressive of the diminutive trees there

Lodhi River Red Gum

At the green and spacious Lodhi Gardens in the heart of New Delhi, a huge Murray River Red Gum from the interior of Australia spreads its branches out wide.

Landmark Trees of India