Calaca’s Landmark Tree

When exploring the pleasant Sanjay Van forests in South Delhi, this twisted and strange tree- a visitor from dryland North America- makes a good landmark amidst the junctions of paths.

The River Rock Root Complex

A group of several living root bridges formed by rubber trees meets at a huge boulder in the midst of a ravine on the cliffs of Meghalaya, where giant waterfalls and racing rivers rush down towards Bangladesh

The Longest Root Bridge

The longest of Meghalaya’s fantastic living root bridges, made by patiently guiding the roots of a rubber tree across a ravine

Ummunoi Root Bridge

The most-often visited of the Cherrapunjee Living Tree Bridges is reachable by a steep trail below the ecotourism nexus at Cherrapunjee Resort.

The Mad Science Cactus Ambassador

At the Regional Plant Resource Center’s giant cactus collection, this small individual represents the mass of weird little cactus plants grafted into chimeras

Borra Caves AxChop Tree

On the main road to Borra Caves, a large semal tree in the road has been wickedly damaged by a strong axe chop, but remains standing and seemingly healthy+Q743

Kudli Banyan Treehouse

At Namaste Farms, an elaborate treehouse in a banyan tree -with a view of the ocean- is a temporary home to a pair of yoga teachers,

Almora Pricky Pear Cactus Giant

All cacti are from the New World of North and South America, and one individual Opuntia is very happy to be growing in the pine forests near Almora

Grotesque Ippe

At a sacred grove beneath the granite peak of Shivganga, this is the most diseased and deformed of many ancient and bizarre Ippe trees

Crawford Column

At Mysore University’s Crawford College, this Araucaria is leaning tremendously, to an almost humourous degree

Landmark Trees of India