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Image of Tree a033

Bodhi Leaf Crowmeld

In Adchhini, South Delhi, I encountered a gum tree growing through a metal fence. As I investigated, a crow sleepily ignored me while perching on a low branch.

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20 Barakhamba

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Image of Tree a020

Bodhi Leaf 20 Barakhamba

Near Connaught Place, an old building lies abandoned, and a small pipal tree is growing in the dust and soil collected on its roof.

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Devnagri Tree

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Image of Tree a019

Bodhi Leaf Devnagri Tree

At the National School of Drama, a banyan tree was festooned with Hindi Devnagri letters on the evening of a series of performances.

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Qutb Salvadora

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Image of Tree a018

Bodhi Leaf Qutb Salvadora

In a prominent location of the Qtub Minar complex, there is a superbly withered and strangly corded Salvadora tree which people pay their respect to by depositing plastic trash within.

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