Ellora Burly Neem

Another giant neem tree near Cave 16 at Ellora, with large infected burls distorting its shape.

Siddharth Greeting

A curiously carved tree at the entrance to the rather underwhelming Siddharth Gardens amusement park in the centre of Aurangabad.

The Rain Cave

Just behind the Hanging Gardens at Malabar Hill, this sprawling rain tree has a cave in its trunk, and serving as a small shrine.

Baobab with Baby

Strangely, this baobab at Mandu seems to have a small, unleaved branch sprouting from its roots.

Ganesha’s Anogeissus

On this small tree at the National Botanical Research Institute, a weird growth at the base of the trunk has been recognized as resembling, and representing Ganesh.

The ElectriciTree

At Sarnath Deer Park, a small Ashok tree is used as an electrical junction box.

The Fallen Ficus

A big peepal tree has fallen downhill onto a small park on the Varanasi Ghats, and has continued to thrive despite being mostly horizontal.

Landmark Trees of India