Near and Dear Warning Ficus

A warning on this fig tree tells coupling visitors at the Bhubaneshwar Botanical Gardens that if they are caught being inappropriately intimate, their photographs will be posted on the internet for their ‘near and dears’ to view

Octopus Bamboo

A grove of bamboo hides that strange cryptozoological curiosity- the Tree Octopus!

Eastern Vaikam Mohammed Bashir Hedge

This tree is one of several sprawling, giant overgrown hedges, now part of the waterside attraction. It is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

A Bunya Puzzle for a Monkey

A strange Australian Monkey Puzzle Tree with big gap amongst its branches, growing on the Ooty Botanics lawn.

Nek Chand’s Window Roots

Not really a tree, but stone sculptures strongly resembling tree roots at Nek Chand’s famous Rock Garden

Double Magnolia

A double-trunked magnolia can be found by the waterfalls at Nishant Bagh Mughal Gardens near Dal Lake

Landmark Trees of India