Bishnoi Amuta Tiru

Make sure to look for this young peepal tree amongst the ancient Khejri grove of the Bishnoi tree-crusaders near Jodhpur

Mawphlang Creekside Oak

The creek in Mawphlang sacred grove is one of the healthiest and densely wooded remaining on the plateau of Meghalaya’s Khasi Hlls, and it is there that you can find this oak tree

A Mawphlang Yew

A yew tree grows in the sacred grove of Mawphlang ,Meghalaya

Sathya Sai Neem

A neem tree grows on the main commercial street at Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram in Puttaparthi

Sathya Sai Tower Coconut

A prominent coconut at the Sathya Sai Baba Ashram, and the site of near panic as my camera had mechanical troubles for the sixth or seventh time on this project

Karnataka Rock Climber’s Team Tree

At the artificial wall in downtown Bangalore where India’s leading state rock climbing team practices, a rain tree offers a convenient place to practice alternate rope techniques

Les Frites

A small restaurant in Auroville is built around a striking banyan tree

Tamarind of Mother

Another grand, ancient tamarind at Auroville, this one named after Aurobindo’s French-born comrade, a woman known as the Mother.

Auroville Wishing Tree

A big banyan in Auroville is used as a place for people to tie cloths, representing their wishes.

Landmark Trees of India