Kotisthata Starburst

This minimally tree-shaped fountain is part of a water fountain at the centre of the world, Mahakaleshwar.

Manu Flood Memorial

A sculpture representing a metal tree, and reminding us of the shared Deluge mythology throughout the world. Maybe a reminder of our postglacial window, and our pre-greenhouse world?

Scindia Silver Palm

In the opulent palace of Gwalior’s Scindia royal family, this beautiful Silver Palm is actually a table decoration, one object amongst countless extravagances.

The People Tree

A bookstore and craftwork shop in Connaught Place devoted to rural empowerment and development

Tree of Life Restaurant

In the backpacker colony near the waterfall, this cafe a short walk up the stairs is a pleasant place to get healthy food.

South Delhi FlyOver Silver Alien Trees

What strange and magic sculptures have been placed at Delhi’s busy Ring Road flyover at Aurobindo Road– they look like a grove of alien trees made of quicksilver

Mysterious Tree of Nalgonda

Enticing photos of this strange tree in Andhra Pradesh were floating around the internet.too bad its actually a tourist attraction at Disneyworld!

Lodurva Kalpataru

A eight-metal sculpture representing the Wish-Fulfilling Tree has been erected in a ancient sandstone Jain temple.

Edakkal Flower Painting

At the ancient Stone Age rock carving site embedded within the granite rocks of Wayanad, there is a circular picture that guides there conjecture may represent a flowering tree

Landmark Trees of India