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Sipur Tower

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Image of Tree t004

Bodhi Leaf Sipur Tower

This is the largest tree at the Sipur sacred Deodar Cedar grove below Mashobra; with four connected trunks it is a striking and massive monarch of the forest

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Triund Oak

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Image of Tree t002

Bodhi Leaf Triund Oak

Trekkers who make it up to the dramatic crest of Triund plateau will find this old oak tree perched on the edge of the slopes.

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Thimmamma Marrimanu

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Image of Tree n058

Bodhi Leaf Thimmamma Marrimanu

This could be considered the largest tree in the world: with its connected trunks spreading out 180 meters in diameter, it is the largest banyan and one of the superlative trees on Earth.

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Char Chinar Island

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Image of Tree h027

Bodhi Leaf Char Chinar Island

A favourite destination to visit via the Shikhara boats on Kashmir’s Dal Lake is this small garden island crowned by four large and distinct Chinar trees in the corners

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The Great Banyan

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Image of Tree e001

Bodhi Leaf The Great Banyan

One of the world’s largest trees, the Great Banyan of Calcutta ‘s Howrah Botanical Gardens is a famous landmark and tourist attraction.

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Auroville Matrimandir Banyan

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Image of Tree d086

Bodhi Leaf Auroville Matrimandir Banyan

When Sri Aurobindo and the Mother established Auroville on what was then degraded farmlands, they chose this banyan tree as the focal point from which their reforestation and conscious-living community would spread.

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