Brigade Street Rain and Column

In downtown Bangalore’s busiest commercial district, a rain tree stretches far to touch a tall Columnaris pine on the other side of the street

Prayer Flag Hub Cedar

Prayer flags on display above the Tibetan refugee colony of McLeod Ganj center on one tall cedar tree on a hilltop

McLeod Bus Stand Cedar

With a cement building growing around it, this deodar tree is the only tree alive at the bus stand in McLeod Ganj, the Himalayan Tibetan Refugee colony.

Shimla Mall Anchor

Near the Himachal Pradesh Government Buildings, at one end of the lovely pedestrian Mall in Shimla, there is a double trunked oak tree offering a lovely shade to those resting on the benches beneath.

Chandigarh 17 Landmark Haldu

Sector 17 is Chandigarh’s commercial core; you can find this tree growing in the plaza amidst the cement buildings

Koksar Doc Check Poplar

Foreigners travelling on the Manali-Leh road are required to register with the police at the town of Koksar, and this tree is one of the few trees to be spotted on this high-altitude journey

Hathi Pole Pipal

The old Elephant Gate of Udaipur Palace was once the site of elephant gladiator fights, and it is still standing with this peepal tree growing nearby

Daiji Bridge Neem

You can spot this neem tree as you descent to cross the lake outlet in Udaipur

Patang Corner Ailanthus

At a busy intersection beneath the Patang Tower on the Ahmedabad Riverside, a large Ailanthus tree stands still amidst the motorized traffic

Landmark Trees of India