Calaca’s Landmark Tree

When exploring the pleasant Sanjay Van forests in South Delhi, this twisted and strange tree- a visitor from dryland North America- makes a good landmark amidst the junctions of paths.

Katwaria ka Banyan

Just south of the Indian Institute of Technology in the Katwaria Sarai neighbourhood, a big banyan is there amongst a park, veg market, shopkeepers and students.

Taj Right Side Replant

The last of the line of often-photographed cypress trees growing before the Taj Mahal has actually just been replaced with a very young sapling.

Ummunoi Root Bridge

The most-often visited of the Cherrapunjee Living Tree Bridges is reachable by a steep trail below the ecotourism nexus at Cherrapunjee Resort.

A Kalpavriksh Coconut for Yo

After more than 18 months visiting India’s most famous trees, and with the help of the organization The Forest Way, I finally planted my first wishing tree in India!

Institute Francais Roystonea

At the French Institute of Pondicherry, ecologists, anthropologists, and other researchers pass by this Royal Palm in the courtyard every day

Agumbe Rainforest Researcher’s Tree

At the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station in Karnataka’s Western Ghats, scientists and conservationists can spend some time learning the treeclimbing ropes in this impressive fig nearby.

Uppangala Giant Vateria

Another forest giant, this Vateria is one of the most prominent trailside trees deep in the jungle of a long term ecology site

The Woodside Wolf Oak

One of the oldest and largest oak trees left in the forested areas below Sister’s Bazaar, this fern covered giant reminds us of the forest that used to clothe these hills.

Qtub Minar Miner Tree

Even the 800-year-old World Heritage Qtub Minar- for many years the world’s tallest building — is being threatened by the tenacious fig trees that grow in even the smallest cracks in every heritage building in India