The Char Minar Chinar

This four-trunked monster is the largest and most elaborate of the old Chinar trees in Srinagar, and is planted just below the Mughal Gardens.

Sidi Saiyad Tree of Life

In central Ahmedabad, at the Masjid built by Sidi Saiyad, there is a famous stone carved screen with a date palm and a spreading tree delicately represented

Passport Baba Tree

Countless applicants for visas and passports bring their papers for the blessing of the Sufi saint buried beneath this pipal tree

Sai Baba Neem

The renowned Shri Sai Baba, a holy man of Maharashtra, used to meditate under this neem tree which now stands in an elaborate temple complex devoted to his teachings.

Astrologer’s Transit Tree

In the holy city of Ujjain, the centerpoint of the Hindu study of the stars, a neem tree is prominent at the Jantar Mantar solar observatory, one of five astronomical installations throughout India established by Man Singh.

Tansen’s Tree

The tomb of Tansen, a famous musician in Akhbar’s court, is marked by a now-dead jujube tree, whose leaves were said to make one’s voice sweeter and more melodious.