Hugging Trees

At an entrance to Sanjay Forest, two trees grow into each other in a model of symmetrical cooperation.

Not To Be Sneezed At

Several centuries older than New Delhi, this khirni tree is mentioned on p139 of P. Krishen’s ‘Trees of Delhi’he writes it is “not to be sneezed at”, and thus the name.

20 Barakhamba

Near Connaught Place, an old building lies abandoned, and a small pipal tree is growing in the dust and soil collected on its roof.

Devnagri Tree

At the National School of Drama, a banyan tree was festooned with Hindi Devnagri letters on the evening of a series of performances.

Qutb Salvadora

In a prominent location of the Qtub Minar complex, there is a superbly withered and strangly corded Salvadora tree which people pay their respect to by depositing plastic trash within.

Qutb Gum Tree

Lost in the farthest corner of Qtub Minar complex, this obscure ‘box’ Eucalypt was identified and noted in Trees of Delhi.

Julian’s Neem

Near a small rock outcrop in South Delhi’s Sanjay Van, a broad neem tree is surrounded by exotic forest trees.

Calaca’s Landmark Tree

When exploring the pleasant Sanjay Van forests in South Delhi, this twisted and strange tree- a visitor from dryland North America- makes a good landmark amidst the junctions of paths.

Hailey Baoli Neem

On a surprisingly quiet street just southeast of Connaught Place, an ancient step-well, which formerly provided access to ground-water, is sheltered by a superb neem tree.

Burma Mission Peepal

South of Delhi’s Qtub Minar, a Buddhist monastery has as its centre a large bodhi tree, planted by a Burmese politician.

Landmark Trees of India