Lodhi Shady Ficus

A prominent and shady jadi tree can be found near the Bara Gumbad at Lodhi Gardens

Cindy’s Hideout

Between the two main tombs at Lodhi Gardens, amidst the pleasant and happy park-goers, a small shrub can be a hiding place for a shy person

Sanjay Helix

Hiding in the forest of Sanjay Van, this tree twists around itself in a strange spiral.


In Adchhini, South Delhi, I encountered a gum tree growing through a metal fence. As I investigated, a crow sleepily ignored me while perching on a low branch.

Gumbad Grevillea

At Lodhi Gardens, a damaged Australian silky-oak struggles to survive benearth a large pipal tree.

GK2 Fig

A strangely hollow banyan growing in the park at Greater Kailash II colonymaybe it has lost the host tree upon which it grew?

Nehru Park Ailanthus

At Nehru Park in Delhi, a large Ailanthus tree dominated a section of the park.

Zoo Mahaneem

At Delhi’s zoo, near the Purana Qila Old Fort, a broad Tree of Heaven offers shade to auto-wallahs and the occasional book-seller.

Begumpur Banyan

This young tree was planted 14 years ago at the abandoned, unnoticed Begumper Masjid, one of India’s largest and oldestmosques- almost one thousand years old dating from the Tughlak era.

Lodhi Roheda

In Lodhi Gardens, parents leave the clothing of their sick children in this tree in hopes it will cure them of their ills.

Landmark Trees of India