Tu B’Shvat Cannonball

This tree commemorates the Jewish New Year for Trees, (usually in January or February), and is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

Koder Rain Tree

This giant Rain Tree is named after the Koder family, prominent Jewish members of the Fort Cochin community. This tree is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

Kashi Karnikaram

This tree is at the beginning of the Tree Trail, at the lovely Kashi Art cafe. This cafe, its owners, and their family were instrumental in bringing together the knowledge and dedication to start establishing the Fort Cochin Tree Trail. Thanks!

Synagogue Miner Figs

One of many small Ficus saplings growing in the structure of the Jewish Synagogue

Manu Flood Memorial

A sculpture representing a metal tree, and reminding us of the shared Deluge mythology throughout the world. Maybe a reminder of our postglacial window, and our pre-greenhouse world?

Yesudas Mango Tree

The Yesudas Mango Tree grows dramatically through the inside of a centrally located building in Fort Cochin–the one housing The Mango Tree restaurant and cafe Coffee Day. This tree is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

Landmark Trees of India