Paajaka Kshetra Pipal

The teacher of dualistic Hinduism , Madhyacharya, was born at Paajaka Kshetra where you can find this old peepal tree

Panjim Maruthi Shrine

A shrine to the Divine Wind, Maruti, is capped by a small tree at the main bus stand in Goa’s capital, Panjim.

Tali Temple Tank Pipal

A holy tank in downtown Calictut has several old and impressive peepal trees, including this one

Udupi Krishna Cycad

At the holy Krishna temples in the center of Udupi, this unassuming cycad tree can be spotted growing in the corner of an important temple

Hanuman Statue Tree

Near the world’s tallest Hanuman stature, near Kurukshetra, is this wizened tree

Landmark Trees of India