Gupteshwar Kolab Gateway Arjun

This picturesque Arjuna tree stands above the rock entrance to the large pool on the Kolab River, near the Gupteshwar Cave

Blue Sita Pipal

This forest tree is not too far from the grove of Teak trees in Kanger Park where Ram Teak and his brothers grow

A Neem for Chitambaram

This small neem is growing at the gateway to one of South India’s most important temples at Chitambaram

Tirupati Barbers Rain Tree

Tirupati is a temple famous for pilgrims offering their hair, and this rain tree grows near an area set aside for the haircutters.

Srirangam Gate Ashoks

At the massive Srirangam Temple in north Trichy, two small Ashok Mast Trees greet arrivals to the main gate

Landmark Trees of India