Koder Rain Tree

This giant Rain Tree is named after the Koder family, prominent Jewish members of the Fort Cochin community. This tree is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

Marayur’s Monster Tamarind

A big tamarind of impressive age and gnarliness grown in the corner of an abandoned clearing in the mountain town of Murayur

Marayur LP School Banyan

The kids in the Keralan Mountain town of Murayur are lucky to have such a great Banyan tree to play in at their school

Paajaka Kshetra Pipal

The teacher of dualistic Hinduism , Madhyacharya, was born at Paajaka Kshetra where you can find this old peepal tree

Karwar Riverside Rain Tree

When travelling south from Goa into Karnataka, as you cross the Kali River at Karwar, look over to the right side of the bridge to see a massive rain tree

Lal Bagh Giant Ceiba

One of the most impressive and widespread trees at Lal Bagh is a broad and spreading native Indian semal tree

Longwood Giant Celtis

In the shola montane rainforests of Longwood, near Ooty, a giant native Celtis forest dominates a hillside