Siliguri Monster Rain Tree

Siliguri, India’s narrowest point between the Bangaldesh and Nepali borders, is a transport hub and at the bus stand you can find one monstrously proportioned rain tree

Barbara’s Plumeria

A huge and decayed old Plumeria tree growing in the Eastern Ghats, named after a colleague who first spotted it

The Giant Frangipanis at Borra Cave

At the entrance to the large and spectacular Borra Caves, you can find these large frangipanis spreading out over the cliffs to the river below.

Le Grande CopperPod

One of the largest urban copperpods encountered on this project is to be found at the Jardin Botanique in Pondicherry

Le Grande Semals

Two large semal trees in the Jardin Botanique in Pondicherry, planted by the French and now of impressive stature.

Varkala Temple Banyan

At the main Hindu temple at Varkala Beach in Kerala, a large banyan is there visible above the main water pool.