Daukra on Savitri Mt

Savitri Mountain rises steeply and dramatically above Pushkar, and at the chai restaurant near the summit you can find a Daukra tree

Savanadurge Rooftop Tree

This tree is somehow growing on an old rooftop, at a guardpost defending an access point to the steep granite slopes of the fortress

Shivganga Summit Flag

A small, straggling Ficus tree on the summit of Shivganga, decorated with bangles and witness to countless monkey-human food-grab interactions

Granite Theatre Split Rock

In a natural granite amipitheatre on the slopes of the dramatic Shivganga Hill, a Ficus tree splits open a ancient boulder

Dolerite Mahua

A bulky Mahua tree, on the side of Tagore Hill, a dolerite rock outcrop on the edge of Ranchi

Planetarium Peepal

Near Nehru’s Planetarium and an Indira Gandhi Memorial at the Calcutta Maidans, this impressive peepal tree stands over a busy intersection

Dryland Mangrove

This tree at Calcutta’s Botanical Garden is notable for being a member of a species normally found as mangroves in salty tidal waters, but here growing happily in the dirt and living on freshwater