Hugging Trees

At an entrance to Sanjay Forest, two trees grow into each other in a model of symmetrical cooperation.

Nallur Neem Pipal Pair

A neem and peepal growing together, representing a married couple, and like others in the region, given seral Nagakal snake stones by parents hoping for children

Scots Cemetary PalmPipal

A peepal and date palm grow together at the overgrown and mostly forgotten Scottish Cemetary, hiding just a few minutes walk from the more well known Park St Cemetary

Ram Ghat Trident

At the busy and crowded riverbanks in Ujjain, three trees grow dramatically together.

Rishikesh Rock Shiva Fusion

On the rocky banks of the Ganga River, a banyan and a peepal tree grow together from the sheer rock of a large boulder, just next to a statue of blue-skinned Krishna.

The Weathervane Tree

This rectangular-based tree grew over the metal structure of an old weathervane to help sailors approach Fort Cochin, and the old metal ladder rusting inside still offers access into the treetop.This tree is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

Zodiac Trees

At Nakshatra Park in Ranchi, these 24 trees planted radially represent different astrological divisions throughout the year

Mahakal Vriksh Triveni

At the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain, the centre of the world and the site of a Jyotirlinga, a Vriksh Triveni is prominent in one corner- a fusion of a neem, banyan and peepal tre.

Landmark Trees of India