Southernmost Tall Tree

This is the southernmost tree of any stature in mainland India, unfortunately it is in a locked garden behind spiked fences and is irrevocably dead

Pachmari Bander Samasya

A stout, spreading, and sharp tree from Australia, misidentified as a monkey puzzle by the garden staff.

LalBagh Fossil Coniferophyta

Standing upright in the Lal Bagh Gardens is an ancient conifer trunk from Thruvakkarai, South Arcot, Tamil Nadu, petrified over millions of years.

Pondicherry Petrified Podocarp

At the Jardin Botanique in an old French Colony, an fragment of a fossilized conifer fossil has been placed upright with smaller pieces of petrified wood

Yamuna Shore Fossil Tree

A petrified wooden trunk from countless millions of years ago is placed upright at the Raj Ghat gardens near the shores of the Yamuna in Delhi

Akal Lower Jurassic Petrified Woods

Under the scorching suns of the western Rajasthan deserts,fragments of petrified wood help one to imagine the forests of India more than 180 million years earlier

Sahni ka Dadoxylon

The Birbal Sahni Paleobotanical Insitute in Lucknow is the largest collection of fossil-plant specialists anywhere in the world, and in the entrance a fossilized Dadoxylon stem stands as a reminder of the world’s long-gone forests.

Landmark Trees of India