Nek Chand’s Window Roots

Not really a tree, but stone sculptures strongly resembling tree roots at Nek Chand’s famous Rock Garden

Patang Corner Ailanthus

At a busy intersection beneath the Patang Tower on the Ahmedabad Riverside, a large Ailanthus tree stands still amidst the motorized traffic

Gateway Vivekenanda Semal

At the Gateway of India, at a statue of Vivekenanda, the guru of Hinduism to the Western World, there is a large semal tree.

Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika Peepal

One of the first sights visible when exiting Victoria Terminus is this large peepal tree growing near the beautiful building of the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation

Shivganga Summit Flag

A small, straggling Ficus tree on the summit of Shivganga, decorated with bangles and witness to countless monkey-human food-grab interactions

Gangabaoli Pahar Flag

On the ancient granite boulders of Gangabaoli, Hyderabad, an old imli tree grows between huge rocks, where children go to fly kites and adults go to watch the sun set.

Peth Funnel Mountain Flag

Amongst the basaltic hills of the Western Ghats, and on the volcanic remnant spire of Kotligad fort, this tree is living off of the water stored in a tank in the fortified summit.

Abdullah’s Tomb Flag

Like a flag on a hill, this tree at a small Sufi tomb is visible throughout western Mandu.