Ummunoi Root Bridge

The most-often visited of the Cherrapunjee Living Tree Bridges is reachable by a steep trail below the ecotourism nexus at Cherrapunjee Resort.

Reru Sahib Reru Tree

Guru Gobind Singh spent a night at this Reru tree while traveling in the year 1704 AD.

Katana Sahib

Guru Gobind Singh slept beneath this old ber tree. In 1854 a British engineer tried to cut down the tree to move the Gurudwara from planned irrigation works- he was suddenly blinded, the tree spurted blood, and the Gurudwara saved.

Kalpataru 1-3

These three baobabs at the entrance to Doranda college were incorrectly reported to be rare members of the Kalpavrish, of which only nine exist India. Fortunately, there are many more baobabs than just nine.

Kalighat Temple Fertilitree

This sacred Euphorbia tree is one of the attractions of Kalighat temple, and is the source of much reverence by parents hoping to conceive a child.

Osmania Lifesaver

This tamarind has a special role in Hyderabad’s history: in 1908, when the River Musi flooded, 150 people clung to its branches for two days and survived. The River is now a “stinking drain.”

Shaniwar Wada Gateway

At the Shaniwar Wada Fort in Pune, a big, well decorated banyan grows over the tomb of Hazrat Sayyad Shah

One Tree Hill

One of the famous viewpoints at Matheran Hill Station is named for this remarkably inaccessible tree isolated on a sheer basalt rock pinnacle

Landmark Trees of India