Taj Right Side Replant

The last of the line of often-photographed cypress trees growing before the Taj Mahal has actually just been replaced with a very young sapling.

Jaisalmer Fort Watch Neem

As one enters the City Fort to Jaisalmer, you can find a nice resting spot under this shady neem tree to the right of the gate.

Jodhpur Gardens Bauhinia

The recently restored gardens at the Jodhpur Fort are growing into a green and peaceful oasis; this Bauhinia is one of the more noticeable trees there

Seashell Museum Hoka

No visit to Diu Island is complete without a look at the Seashell Museum, where you can find a variety of shells from around the world as well as a nice branching palm in the front yard

A Hoka At Diu Fort

On the intricately water-eroded rock shelf near Diu Fort, a branching African Hoka palm grows by the ocean

Diu Fort Bastion Banyan

Within the half-ruined old Portuguese citadel at Diu island are several lonely trees inclding this banyan tree

Girnar Temples Racemosa

One of several goolar trees encountered on the granite slopes of Girnar mountain, all of them marked as shrines and likely tapping a small source of water within the rock

David Scott Pear Tree

Midway on the David Scott trail in the central gorges of Meghalaya, this picturesque pear tree in flower overlooks a river crossing

The River Rock Root Complex

A group of several living root bridges formed by rubber trees meets at a huge boulder in the midst of a ravine on the cliffs of Meghalaya, where giant waterfalls and racing rivers rush down towards Bangladesh

The Longest Root Bridge

The longest of Meghalaya’s fantastic living root bridges, made by patiently guiding the roots of a rubber tree across a ravine