Ajapala Nigrodha Tree

It is no longer present, but a pillar ay the Sri MahaBodhi Temple in Gaya marks the location of the tree under which Buddha spent the fifth week following enlightenment teaching about the equality of humanity

Yamuna Shore Fossil Tree

A petrified wooden trunk from countless millions of years ago is placed upright at the Raj Ghat gardens near the shores of the Yamuna in Delhi

The Mori Pine

At a sandy river bank along the Tons River, this champion sized pine is now in pieces after it succumbed to fungal decay

Highest Cricket Pitch Historical Tree

At a military training school in the town of Chail, this old dead tree, with crumbling treehouse, can be found in the corner of the world’s highest official cricket pitch

Passport Baba Tree

Countless applicants for visas and passports bring their papers for the blessing of the Sufi saint buried beneath this pipal tree

Tansen’s Tree

The tomb of Tansen, a famous musician in Akhbar’s court, is marked by a now-dead jujube tree, whose leaves were said to make one’s voice sweeter and more melodious.