Saint John in the Wilderness Cedar

Around the corner from the main market of McLeod Ganj, the Tibetan refugee colony, is an old church nestled in the woods, with this and many other impressive old cedar trees

ChristChurch Juniper

Shimla’s most famous landmark is the tall yellow tower of Christ Church, and this juniper tree can be found in its front courtyard. Look for it in photos of the Shimla Mall.

St Pauls Rain Tree

At the beautiful St. Paul’s Chuch, near the Victoria Memorial in downtown Calcutta, this tree spreads out grandly in the corner of the garden.

Sacred Heart Salvation Samanea

Across from the Pondicherry railstationt the Sacred Heart Church, this tree grows on the edge of the grotto-cave, next to a Jesus statue.

Woodstock Lyre Tree

Woodstock School is a prestigious international school in the foothills of the Himalaya in Mussoorie, and their botanical emblem is a pine tree with two stems gracefully bent like a lyre, the Greek musical instrument.

Bom Jesus Rain Trees

At the Bom Jesus Basilica in Old Goa, two giant Rain Trees rival the huge Portuguese cathedral for sheer size.

Flag of St Thomas

On top of St Thomas Mount, a banyan tree offers shade for pilgrims to the cave hermitage of the first Christian missionary to India.