A Polyalthia Tree for Father Matthew

This small, unassuming tree, grows at the entranceway to the Rapinat Herbarium at St Joseph’s College, in Trichy, where the rainforest botanist Father Matthew contributed immensely to ithe dentification of the plants of the Indian tropical rainforests

Edakkal Tree of Knowledge

Below Edakkal Caves, there is a rock carving of the Christian story of Eve being tempted by the Serpent to eat from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge

Panjim Church Square Mango

A broad mango in the church Square in Goa’s capitol of Panjim is a central point to a pleasant district

Melagres Churchside Samanea

Melagres Church is a landmark in the center of Mangalore, and this rain tree is prominent on its right side

St Thomas Church Neon

Yet another neon palm tree, near St Thomas Church, at the end of Sudder Street, Kolkata

Manu Flood Memorial

A sculpture representing a metal tree, and reminding us of the shared Deluge mythology throughout the world. Maybe a reminder of our postglacial window, and our pre-greenhouse world?

Old Goa Cinch Palm

Near the massive cathedrals of Old Goa, a Royal Palm is being choked by an electrical wire wrapped around it

Landmark Trees of India