Orchha Palace Banyan

A spreading banyan at the gates of the Orchha Palaces is dwarved by their architectual immensity

Giant Banyan of Majhi

This giant banyan hides amonst the mango orchards near Lucknow, and underneath its spreading branches is the tomb of Hanse Baba

The Face of Shiva

A looming grey face, attributed to Shiva, peers out from this banyan at the National Botanical Research Institute,

Marayur Children’s Park Banyan

Surrounded by sandalwood forests and soaring granite mountains, the town of Murayur is fortunate to have a park with a giant banyan for kids to play under.

The Arambol Forest Banyan

Hiding in the forests behind Sweetwater Lake at Arambol Beach is a large banyan tree, where you can always find a friendly group of beach pilgrims and holy men

Kabir Vad Banyan

On a sand island in the Holy Narmada river, the discarded toothbrush twig of the Sage Kabir has grown into one of the world’s broadest trees.

Bangalore Dodd Aladamara

The improved and overdeveloped Big Banyan is a remarkable tree just outside of Bangalore and is a popular trip for city tourists

The Great Banyan

One of the world’s largest trees, the Great Banyan of Calcutta ‘s Howrah Botanical Gardens is a famous landmark and tourist attraction.

Auroville Matrimandir Banyan

When Sri Aurobindo and the Mother established Auroville on what was then degraded farmlands, they chose this banyan tree as the focal point from which their reforestation and conscious-living community would spread.

Theosophical Society Big Banyan

One of the world’s largest banyans can be found in the middle of Chennai on the forested campus of the Theosophical Society, a spiritual movement founded by Madam Blavatsky

Landmark Trees of India