Chilika Approach Banyan

A lone banyan tree visible from the roadside, to the right, as you travel south towards Satpada to visit Chilika Lake in coastal Orissa

Marayur LP School Banyan

The kids in the Keralan Mountain town of Murayur are lucky to have such a great Banyan tree to play in at their school

Auroville Wishing Tree

A big banyan in Auroville is used as a place for people to tie cloths, representing their wishes.

Theosophical Founder’s Tree

On a lane named after the Founders of the Theosophical Society, this large banyan is smaller but somehow more solid than the more famous Big Banyan just nearby.

Vijay Nagar Wishing Tree

At the granitic riverside in what used to be the grand Vijay Capitol, a big banyan holds many peoples wishes and prayers in the form of cloths, strings, letters, and decorations.

Allahabad Uni Giant

This giant banyan spreads wide and provides shade to students at Allahabad University.

IIT Madras Ambassador

One of the large banyans hiding in the woods of the Indian Institute of Technology, this tree has a bench for contemplation, branches to monkey in, and monkeys in the branches contemplating you.

Landmark Trees of India