Nine Planets Imli

Above the Assamese capitol of Guwahati, at the Navagraha Temple of the Nine Planets, overlooking the Brahmaputra River, is a large tamarind tree shading the central shrine

Tranquebar Eclipse Plumerias

At the old Danish Custom’s House- now a luxury hotel- the Plumeria trees in the garden offered a backdrop to Eclipse-Chasers viewing the annular-ring solar eclipse on 15 January 2010

Solar Kitchen RainyDay Tree

A big African mahogany grows over the edge of the Solar Kitchen cafe at Auroville, where food is cooked by the magnified rays of the sun.

The Mango Tree Restaurant

You can have a yummy thali and coconut juice at this restaurant, shaded by a large mango tree hiding in the fields near Hampi.

Osmania Lifesaver

This tamarind has a special role in Hyderabad’s history: in 1908, when the River Musi flooded, 150 people clung to its branches for two days and survived. The River is now a “stinking drain.”

Sunset Semal

During one glorious sunset by the lake in the centre of Panchmarhi Hill Station, I nearly fell off my pushbike when I saw this monstrous semal tree lurking there.

Man Mandir Peepal

At Man Singh Ghat in Varanasi, a vibrant peepal tree stretches up next to the solar observatory on the roof of Man Mandir.

Panguchila Ridge Fir

One of the windswept firs on a ridge of Panguchila Peak, with the High Himalaya mountains visible behind.

The Woodside Wolf Oak

One of the oldest and largest oak trees left in the forested areas below Sister’s Bazaar, this fern covered giant reminds us of the forest that used to clothe these hills.