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Dryland Mangrove

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Image of Tree e013

Bodhi Leaf Dryland Mangrove

This tree at Calcutta’s Botanical Garden is notable for being a member of a species normally found as mangroves in salty tidal waters, but here growing happily in the dirt and living on freshwater

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Manu Flood Memorial

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Image of Tree c044

Bodhi Leaf Manu Flood Memorial

A sculpture representing a metal tree, and reminding us of the shared Deluge mythology throughout the world. Maybe a reminder of our postglacial window, and our pre-greenhouse world?

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20 Barakhamba

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Image of Tree a020

Bodhi Leaf 20 Barakhamba

Near Connaught Place, an old building lies abandoned, and a small pipal tree is growing in the dust and soil collected on its roof.

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