The Double Decker Root Bridge

Truly a unique accomplishment in the world, the roots of this rubber tree have been patiently guided by the Khasi people to form a sturdy, two-level bridge over a steep canyon.

The Mawphlang Elder

The namesake tree of a well-known and+Q908 ecologically critical sacred grove, this tree marks the site where the Khasi elders come to consult and make decisions.

Kaziranga Hotel Banyan

At a heritage hotel associated with the Kaziranga National Park, visitors there to see the one-horned rhinos can also visit this stout and upright banyan tree.

A Stringybark for Joseph Hooker

Named after Joseph Hooker, the botanist at the Darjeeling Botanical Gardens, this is a Tasmanian Obliqua stringybark, a member of one of the world’s tallest and largest flowering plant species

Chowrasta Symingtonia

Darjeeling’s ridgetop social and pedestrian scene centres around the Chowrasta plaza, and these trees are the tallest and most prominent there.

Konark Sun Chariot Banyan

A large banyan tree grows immediately next to the Konark Sun Temple, one of the most extravagant and famous of all of India’s temples.

Muggermouth Dolphin Tree

A lone banyan tree visible from the water as one travels to the mouth of Chillika Lake out to see the Muggers- the rare Irrawady Dolphins

Ram Teak

In a grove of impressive teak trees in the wild forests of Kanger Valley National Park, the largest tree present is named after the famous hero Rama.

Thimmamma Marrimanu

This could be considered the largest tree in the world: with its connected trunks spreading out 180 meters in diameter, it is the largest banyan and one of the superlative trees on Earth.

Sathya Sai Kalpavriksh

A young Sathya Sai Baba performed a miracle when he made this tree produce many different kinds of fruit, in his early days as a holy guru.

Landmark Trees of India