Trees make great landmarks. The navigator tree was assigned to any tree that has use as a landmark for navigation. While all of the trees are tabulated using a coordinate system of latitudes and longitudes, it is more natural for the human mind to navigate by landmarks. In the fast growing cities and organically-growing neighbourhoods of India, a mental collection of landmarks is essential in describing a place or route.

Navigator trees, like Flags, are especially useful for finding your way about. You may pass by this tree while on the path to another destination, or it may be easily visible at the destination itself.

Of course, you can make any tree, any plant, or any thing a landmark in your own mental map. Simply give it a name, and look around at its surroundings to cement it in your memory. If you invest the time and energy into this practice, you’ll find you can move through even the thickest jungle without losing your way.

You can navigate through all of the trees with this tag by clicking on the attribute tag clouds in the sidebar, or you can choose from this selection of tagged trees:

Landmark Trees of India