A photo-illustrated report in GEO Magazine, with the first published crown coverage maps of the giant banyans of India.  Giant Banyans, GEO Magazine, March 2012

Link: GiantBanyans-GEO_Intl-Mar12.pdf


A geological literacy article for Asian Geographic Magazine. The Language of the Landscape, Asian Geographic, January 2011.

Link: AsianGeographic86_TheLanguageOfTheLandscape.pdf


A writeup of measurements made on Indian Banyans. The World’s Largest Trees? Cataloguing India’s Giant Banyans (submitted for peer review)

Link: CataloguingIndiasGiantBanyansMANUSCRIPT.pdf


Sidebar detailing some of the living trees linked to the Indian epic Ramayana. Trees of the Ramayana. (Sidebar) GEO-India, October 2011.

Link: GEOIndia_TreesOfTheRamayana_October2011.pdf


A travel article on Kabir’s Vad, a giant banyan tree growing on an island in the Narmada River, western India. The Kabir Tree. Outlook Traveller, January 2010.

Link: OutlookTraveller_KabirsBanyan.pdf


An article on establishment of a national database and conservation program for heritage trees throughout India, for the Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage, Delhi. Cataloging India’s Living Tree Heritage. Journal of Heritage Studies. (In Press)

Link: INTACH_CatalogingIndiasLivingTreeHeritage.pdf


Outreach efforts and media exposure for Landmark Trees of India, an environmental education geography project. Hunting Trees in India. Matador Trips. July 2010

Link: Matador_HuntingTreesInIndia.pdf


An outreach article aimed at Indian schoolchildren encouraging them to recognize the diverse nationalities of urban trees. Travel Around the World With India’s Trees. WWF-India PANDA Magazine

Link: PANDATravelAroundTheWorldWithIndiasTrees.pdf


Several different ways to view trees that you meet on your travels. Hello Trees: Novel Ways to Look at Trees on Your Travels Boots n all Travel website, September 2010

Link: HelloTrees.pdf


A travel article for those who would explore the famous and significant trees of Western India. Sacred Trees of Western India Gonomad, September 2010

Link: SacredTreesOfWesternIndia.pdf


A magazine article concentrating on the wilder spaces of Delhi, one of the world’s largest cities.A Garden of Dreams (Delhi Tree Trail). Jetwings Magazine, January 2010.

Link: JetwingsDelhiTreeTrails.pdf


Photo-illustrations provided for an article profiling treeclimbing as a recreational activity, in Jetwings Magazine. D’Mello, C. (2009). Tree Time (Tree Climbing). Photos by YD Bar-Ness. Jetwings Magazine, September 2009.

Link: JETWINGS_TreeClimbing_byCraigDMello.pdf


A geology outreach article on the volcanic origins of the Western Indian landscape. Legacy of the Volcanoes (Maharashtra Geology) Jetwings, August 2010

Link: LegacyOfTheVolcanoes.pdf


A travel article that describes three wild places in India, while remarking on the idea of exploration and secrecy in the travel industry. Three Wild Places in India You’ve Never Heard Of. Pixelhose, 2011.

Link: Pixelhose_ThreeWildPlacesInIndiaYouveNeverHeardOf.pdf


A travel article on mountaineering in the Indian Himalaya, published in Sidetracked Magazine. The Mountain of the Crescent Moon. Sidetracked, 2011.

Link: Sidetracked_3_TheMountainOfTheCrescentMoon

Landmark Trees of India