Would  you like to send us a tree for inclusion in the Landmark Trees database? We’d love to hear from you, and work with you on sharing these trees.


You’ll need to arrange the following information:

  1. A name for the tree- make it descriptive, and respectful
  2. Any alternate names the tree may have, in any language
  3. A description of the tree- why is it significant? What is interesting about it? Write as much as you can!
  4. A detailed location, preferably in latitude and longitude. You can use Google Maps online to help you locate the trees.
  5. A species identification, using a scientific binomial
  6. A few digital photographs, from multiple angles. If possible, please post them online at an album such  Facebook, Google+ Albums, or Flickr.
  7. The date of  your visit
  8. Your name and contact details

You can find detailed information about how to arrange latitude and longitude using the online web resource Google Maps, at the websearch here. You can also use a smartphone GPS to obtain these location coordinates.

You can also use the following datasheet to help you in the field, available in multiple formats:


Email it to us at :

landmarktrees@outreachecology.com with the subject heading “Contribution to the LTI Database”

Thanks for your interest and participation.


Landmark Trees of India