Gopeshwar’s Ancient Cypress

In the steep hillside town of Gopeshwar, in the Garwhal Himalaya, an ancient, declining old cypress tree stands alone near a hillside spring.

The Woodside Wolf Oak

One of the oldest and largest oak trees left in the forested areas below Sister’s Bazaar, this fern covered giant reminds us of the forest that used to clothe these hills.

Woodstock Lyre Tree

Woodstock School is a prestigious international school in the foothills of the Himalaya in Mussoorie, and their botanical emblem is a pine tree with two stems gracefully bent like a lyre, the Greek musical instrument.

Haridwar Ji Maharaj Tree

Amongst the stores and temples of Haridwar’s Main Ghat, this tree stands out for its size and form.

Rishikesh Rock Shiva Fusion

On the rocky banks of the Ganga River, a banyan and a peepal tree grow together from the sheer rock of a large boulder, just next to a statue of blue-skinned Krishna.

Raj Saal

There is a notable traffic hazard on the road near the village of Byasi in the lower mountain reaches of the Ganga- a strong and massive saal tree growing in the middle of the road

Jageshwar Monarchs

Two immense deodar cedars- nine hundred years old and amongst the world’s largest- grow about a complex and dense cluster of Shiva temples, nestled in a cool valley in thepine lands of the Kumaon Himalaya.

Adi Shankara’s Ancient Mulberry

The Hindu reformer Adi Shankara meditated beneath this spectacularly large mulberry tree, in the steep valley of Joshimath beneath the soaring Himalayan peaks.

Corbett’s Leopard Machan

In 1925, Jim Corbett, a legendary big-cat hunter and conservationist, put an end to the Man Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag while perched in this tree

Landmark Trees of India