Station Road Balaji Neem

A neem tree struggles to stay alive between a large cement building and a newly built fly-over highway in downtown Jaipur.

Ajmer Neem at Akbar’s Mosque

Ajmer is the location of the Dargah for the perpetually popular Sufi saint Muinuddin Chisti, around which Akbar the Great built an elaborate mosque where you can find this tree at the gate

Banyan Tree Restaurant

A banyan tree-ensconced restaurant can be found on the shores of Pushkar’s Lake in Rajasthan

Daukra on Savitri Mt

Savitri Mountain rises steeply and dramatically above Pushkar, and at the chai restaurant near the summit you can find a Daukra tree

Indraghat Banyan

A young banyan at Indraghat, near the shores of the dried-up seasonal holy lake at Pushkar

Pushkar Claw

A big peepal tree with clawlike dying branches, at Pushkar Lake