Gateway Vivekenanda Semal

At the Gateway of India, at a statue of Vivekenanda, the guru of Hinduism to the Western World, there is a large semal tree.

Ambassador Pipal

On the walk from Churchgate to Marine Drive, a large peepal tree on the left foreshadows the Ambassador Hotel

Indigo Deli Bodhi

The finest deli in India for good sandwiches is just near the Gateway of India in Mumbai, and just next door in an abandoned property is a peepal tree growing in rubble

Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika Peepal

One of the first sights visible when exiting Victoria Terminus is this large peepal tree growing near the beautiful building of the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation

Dharavi Aiyiyyappa Banyan

A sacred Banyan in Mumbai’s famous Dharavi Slum holds a shrine maintained by the Aiyiyyappa Devotees Committee

Ellora Burly Neem

Another giant neem tree near Cave 16 at Ellora, with large infected burls distorting its shape.

Siddharth Greeting

A curiously carved tree at the entrance to the rather underwhelming Siddharth Gardens amusement park in the centre of Aurangabad.

Hanuman Lantern Fusion

At the main ashram of Sai Baba, a small Hanuman temple has a fused neem and peepal tree in front, with a small lantern lighting a shrine

Gandhi Rain Tree

At Aga Khan, a memorial to Gandhi’s life and influence is an important feature at an estate where he was once imprisoned.