Udupi Krishna Cycad

At the holy Krishna temples in the center of Udupi, this unassuming cycad tree can be spotted growing in the corner of an important temple

End Point Sunset Golmohur

In the Karnatakan university student town of Manipal, an African Golmuohur frames the sunset nicely at the End Point vista

Manipal Dollops Tree

In the student town of Manipal, a Bodhi tree grows out of a well at the hip Dollops cafe.

Laterite Cave Elaeocarpus

Just near Agumbe, one of the wettest places in India, a big Elaeocarpus tree is found near a dark and curious cave in the lateritic rock

Lal Bagh Giant Ceiba

One of the most impressive and widespread trees at Lal Bagh is a broad and spreading native Indian semal tree

Lal Bagh Empress Tree

In Lal Bagh can be found a specimen of the Chinese Empress tree, Paulownia tomentosa

Karnataka Rock Climber’s Team Tree

At the artificial wall in downtown Bangalore where India’s leading state rock climbing team practices, a rain tree offers a convenient place to practice alternate rope techniques

Bangalore Club Ravenala

It’s worth strolling into the exclusive Bangalore Club to see the Madagascar Traveller’s Palm growing in the lawns before the main building

Brigade Street Rain and Column

In downtown Bangalore’s busiest commercial district, a rain tree stretches far to touch a tall Columnaris pine on the other side of the street

Landmark Trees of India