Honey Bee Tree

A tree on the roadside in the tea plantations of Munnar in the Western Ghats is adorned with many large beehives. Unfortunately the photos for this tree were lost; the one used is from Panoramio.com

Marayur’s Monster Tamarind

A big tamarind of impressive age and gnarliness grown in the corner of an abandoned clearing in the mountain town of Murayur

Marayur Sandalwood Stump

Murayur town is famous for its sandalwood plantations, and just near the town center you can find a small tree that has been illegally cut.

Marayur LP School Banyan

The kids in the Keralan Mountain town of Murayur are lucky to have such a great Banyan tree to play in at their school

Coimbatore Transport Column

In the busiest intersection between the bus stands of crowded and busy Coimbatore, a New Caledonian Pine can be spotted standing above the chaos

Parambikulam Museum Rosewood

At the excellent museum and teaching center at Parambikulam National Park, a native rainforest Rosewood is labelled for visitors to meet

Pollachi Temple Pipal

A sacred temple peepal tree, found in a quick stroll around the bus stand in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu

Landmark Trees of India