Almora Nanda Devi Peepal

At a temple on ridgetop Almora dedicated to the sacred mountain of Nanda Devi, a peepal tree guards the beautiful stonework heritage buildings

Ponderosa Representative

In the Pine Arboretum just near Ranikhet, this tree represents the largest pine species- the Ponderosa Pine of the Western United States.

Almora Pricky Pear Cactus Giant

All cacti are from the New World of North and South America, and one individual Opuntia is very happy to be growing in the pine forests near Almora

Brighton Tasmanian Blue Gum

A large Tasmanian Blue Gum- one of the largest species of flowering plant in the world- is growing at an estate on the edges of Almora in the Kumaon Himalaya.

The Gingko at Ranikhet-Kalika

One of the most ancient of all living tree species, Gingko trees have survived the eons in parts of China, and this one has been transported to grow at the arboretum near Ranikhet

Landmark Trees of India