Barbara’s Plumeria

A huge and decayed old Plumeria tree growing in the Eastern Ghats, named after a colleague who first spotted it

The Giant Frangipanis at Borra Cave

At the entrance to the large and spectacular Borra Caves, you can find these large frangipanis spreading out over the cliffs to the river below.

Kambalakonda Wildlife Date

Just back from the coastline, the city of Vizag is blessed with the step green hills at Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary and it is on the walking trails there that you can find this lone date palm

Rajamundhry Whistlestop

This dead tree was encountered, as a stump, in a very short train stop while travelling on India’s east coast

Caiman Banyan

A small banyan in the Caiman crocodile enclosure at the Madras Crocodile Bank

Crocodile Barringtonia

A Barringtonia tree growing in the sidelines of the Madras Crocodile Bank, a reptile zoo established by Rom Whittaker just south of Chennai

The Mad Science Cactus Ambassador

At the Regional Plant Resource Center’s giant cactus collection, this small individual represents the mass of weird little cactus plants grafted into chimeras

The Juggernaut

At the famous and important Jagganath Temple in Puri, a large banyan grows at the main entrance of the temple compound.

Gupteshwar Papaya

At the entrance to Orissa’s sacred Gupteshwar Cave is a prominent papaya

Kolab Riverbank Semal

On the border between Orissa and Chatisgarth, this semal rises above some magnificent limestone rock formations carved by the Kolab River.

Landmark Trees of India