Kamala Nehru Giant Bodhi Tree

Mount Abu’s heritage Jaipur Inn stands on a rocky hill above the town lake, and in its well tended green gardens is this strong fig tree

Marine Drive Greeting Barringtonia

This is the first of the young Barringtonias encountered as you approach Marine Drive from Churchgate Station in Mumbai, and it will unfortunately be many years before it and its siblings offer any substantial shade to the promenade

Borivali Water Tree

Not really a tree, but actually a set of water fountains shaped like a giant tree stump

Borivali Park Environmental Ed Mango

Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivali, Mumbai, is one of the world’s best urban parks, and you can find this mango tree growing at the excellent environmental education center

Jaisalmer Fort Watch Neem

As one enters the City Fort to Jaisalmer, you can find a nice resting spot under this shady neem tree to the right of the gate.

Jodhpur Gardens Bauhinia

The recently restored gardens at the Jodhpur Fort are growing into a green and peaceful oasis; this Bauhinia is one of the more noticeable trees there

Seashell Museum Hoka

No visit to Diu Island is complete without a look at the Seashell Museum, where you can find a variety of shells from around the world as well as a nice branching palm in the front yard

A Hoka At Diu Fort

On the intricately water-eroded rock shelf near Diu Fort, a branching African Hoka palm grows by the ocean