Agora Pine

A dramatic corner on a steep Himalayan trail is accentuated by this precipitous pine.

Freedom Semal

There’s a lovely cafe in Rishikesh, overlooking the Ganga and the Laxman bridge, where you can get avocado guacamole, burritos, and all sorts of backpacker food. This tree is in the entranceway, and the roof is built around it.

Rishikesh Curtain

As you descend towards the Laxman Jhula bridge, you can find this tree spilling over a wall and creating a curtain of roots agains the stone slope.

Uttarkashi Yoga Witness

On the rooftop on Monal Guest House in Uttarkashi, a banj oak tree offers a picturesque companion to a morning yoga session

Panguchila Ridge Fir

One of the windswept firs on a ridge of Panguchila Peak, with the High Himalaya mountains visible behind.

Laxman Jhula Tree

Prominent next to the Laxman Jhula Bridge in Rishikesh, this peepal tree also also shades a nice restaurant overlooking the Ganga River

Nainital Tall Feather Poplar

The tallest of several trees planted at the head of Naini Tal, this poplar tree is in a central location of a bustling and vibrant holiday hill station.

Landmark Trees of India