Aurobindo Gate Mango

At the entrance to the Aurboindo Ashram in downtown Calcutta can be found this broad mango tree.

Park St Cemetary Mango

Calcutta’s Park Street Cemetary is a final resting place for many Britisher’s, and also home to some massive mango trees like this one.

Strand Leaning Araucaria

A tall Araucaria tree leans steeply near St. John’s Church on the Strand, in Calcutta downtown.

Maidan Starburst

A beautiful water-starburst tree, lit up near the Victoria Memorial

Kalighat Kadamb

A tall, straight Kadamb tree near Kalighat temple on the streetside

Kalighat Gate Banyan

Near the entrance to Kalighat temple, this big banyan grows from the center of several small buildings

Kolkata Airport Palmyra

A dead, lacquered palmyra tree greets arrivals at Kolkata’s airport, near the baggage carousels.

Tagore Hill Flag

A frangipani tree dramatically crowns the crest of Tagore Hill in Ranchi

Vivekenanda Mimusops

Near a small museum recording the international Hindu outreach of Swami Vivekananda, this tree offers shade to people queuing for the small hospital there

Kalpataru 1-3

These three baobabs at the entrance to Doranda college were incorrectly reported to be rare members of the Kalpavrish, of which only nine exist India. Fortunately, there are many more baobabs than just nine.