After The Tsunami

A small sapling at the beach of Mamallapuram reminds us of the Boxing Day 2006 Tsunami, which devastated much of the eastern Indian Ocean

GeckoNut Palm

The Gecko restaurant in the beach town of Mamallapuram is built around a twenty year old coconut palm.

The Glom

This tree is growing from a granite crack near the center of Mamallapuram

The Crimp

A neem tree hugging the edge of a granite boulder below the temple carvings ata the ridge of Mahabalipuram

The Faraway Tree

At the entrance to The Faraway Tree art gallery, you can find this tree first in a row of trees from far away South America.

Madras Mocha Canopy

At the trendy Mocha cafe in Chennai, this tall tree offers shade, atmosphere, and character to the place.

Blavatsky Baobab

Madame Blavatsky was a Russian psychic who founded the esoterical Theosophical Society, on whose campus you can find this large baobab tree

Theosophical Founder’s Tree

On a lane named after the Founders of the Theosophical Society, this large banyan is smaller but somehow more solid than the more famous Big Banyan just nearby.

Vijay Nagar Wishing Tree

At the granitic riverside in what used to be the grand Vijay Capitol, a big banyan holds many peoples wishes and prayers in the form of cloths, strings, letters, and decorations.

Landmark Trees of India