Alchi Giant

The biggest tree at Alchi Monastery, where one can see well preserved and masterful ancient Buddhist paintings

Indus Bridge Guard

Look for this White Willow tree at a bridge across the Indus River in Ladakh

Darcha Bridge Sentinel

A lone tree by the riverside amongst the austere rocky landscape along the Manali-Leh road

Nature Park Resprout Cedar

In the riverside nature park in Manali is a cedar tree that has resprouted a trunk after a main trunk breakage

The Char Minar Chinar

This four-trunked monster is the largest and most elaborate of the old Chinar trees in Srinagar, and is planted just below the Mughal Gardens.

Char Chinar Island

A favourite destination to visit via the Shikhara boats on Kashmir’s Dal Lake is this small garden island crowned by four large and distinct Chinar trees in the corners

Jakpo The Snake King’s Tree at Likir

In Ladakh’s oldest, 930-year-old monastery on the snake-like hill of Kli-Khil this ancient evergreen cypress is named after the Naga King Jakpo, who once slept here in the mythological past

Nor La Evergreen Juniper

In a rocky valley high in the Ladakh Himalaya, an evergreen juniper tree is a striking landmark- there are no other trees like it anywhere nearby

Landmark Trees of India