Double Magnolia

A double-trunked magnolia can be found by the waterfalls at Nishant Bagh Mughal Gardens near Dal Lake

Nishat Bagh Splendid Chinar

Yet another massive and splendid Chinar tree growing at the old Mughal Gardens in Kashmir’s famous city of Srinagar

Nishat Bagh CostumeTree

Tourists can pose for their pictures in an array of traditional Kashmiri clothing underneath this large old Chinar tree at the Mughal Gardens.

Mavis Giant Chinnar

On the shores of Nagin Lake, near the lovely Mavis Hotel houseboat, is a exceptionally personable giant Chinnar tree

Alchi Demon Tree

A demon mask accentuates an old and broadly branching tree at the small trinket market at Alchi, Ladakh

Dar Flats Twisted Tree

An old, twisted willow has been sculpted into weird shapes by villagers repeatedly cutting its upper branches to utilize the scarce wood available in the high desert

Dar Gap Sentinel

A small willow tree is encountered in the spectacular rocky gorge leading to the village of Dar from the Indus river crossing at Nor La.

Landmark Trees of India