Hadimba Fallen Titan

Just next to the temple at the ancient Hadimba cedar grove, an aging tree was cut down before it could fall on the temple or the the pilgrims

A Kullu Elm

In one of the green valleys stemming from the Kullu River, a large elm tree can be spotted perched next to a stream

Banjani Dev Devdar

Below Chail village, near the Forestry Training Institute, a sacred Devdar of immense proportions and age can be found clinging to the hillside

Craignano Chinar

This old British estate is now run by the Forest Department as a resthouse, and a Kashmiri Chinnar tree of lovely proportions can be found there

Tree of Life Restaurant

In the backpacker colony near the waterfall, this cafe a short walk up the stairs is a pleasant place to get healthy food.

The Mori Pine

At a sandy river bank along the Tons River, this champion sized pine is now in pieces after it succumbed to fungal decay

The Kanasar Giant

One of the largest and most famous cedar trees can be found at the Kanasar Grove north of Chakrata; this is the largest individual, signed as 6.35 m in girth

Tabo Ancient Corner Poplar

In the soaring high desert landscape of Spiti Valley, this sacred and ancient Poplar tree is linked to the earliest days of the Tabo Monastery, famed for its Buddhist murals

Landmark Trees of India